BIOSTREAM is a manufacturer of bioreactors in the food, biobased fermentation, algae and cell culture field. In the area of photo bioreactors we have developed and produced bioreactors for different kinds of microalgae and phototrophic bacteria. In the biobased field we are producing equipment for pre-treatment, hydrolyses in combination with fermentation, especially related to scaling up for industrial processing. With the focus on service and R&D we can develop custom solutions which are not available on the market yet. Recently, BIOSTREAM has participated in the project EFRO ACCESS, 2014/2015. It consists of the development and production of certain medicines improvement so that they become cheaper for the end user (the consumer). The main role was developing of parallel 100 ml bioreactor. Funding around € 140.000.

Our challenge is to develop and demonstrate the usefulness of our Biobased equipment and solutions at bigger scale (currently our biggest vessel setup for Biobased applications is 50 L), this project offers us the opportunity to develop 200 L Biobased vessel and addtional software to monitor more efficiently the process parameters. Furthermore, to be able to test a new and promising biomass source will be important in our client contacts, as they expect us to support them in making the bioethanol industry more

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