Comunidad de Regantes de El Arenal (COMRA)

The Comunidad de Regantes de El Arenal, is a group of farmers and owners of irrigated plots in the municipality of El Arenal, province of Ávila. It is situated 150 km to the west of Madrid, and 80 km south of Ávila, within the agricultural region of "Valle del Tiétar".

The water is obtained mainly from the capture of two streams, the Arenal River and the Zarzoso Creek, as well as from springs, fountains and wells, and from them the water is channeled through the pipelines to each plot. The topography of the terrain, mountainous, means that the plots are arranged in terraces at different levels, which in turn are interconnected forming a network that is currently estimated at 60 km.

The formation of the irrigation zone was undertaken voluntarily by a group of farmers, who in the early 19th century began to draw the first water catchment and distribution channels and the development of terraced plots. Subsequently, irrigation distribution networks, accesses and irrigation efficiency were completed, and at present 3,000 plots owned by 900 owners are supplied.

The Community of Irrigators of El Arenal was founded on December 20,1988, and it is from that moment onwards when its main objectives were defined: to manage and distribute irrigation water, maintain and improve the existing infrastructure, all this equitably to the proportion of land owned by each owner. The Community is currently in the process of studying the modernisation of infrastructures, implementing new management models for maintenance costs, all aimed at efficient water management.

Therefore, the Community of Irrigators of El Arenal has no commercial or economic expectations, being its special purpose to make available to each owner the water they need for their crops, and in turn to be a major actor in the economic and sustainable development of the region of Valle del Tiétar.