Continuation of the collaboration with the Factory of Olives of the Agricultural cooperative Agrinio Union

CERTH team in collaboration with the Factory of Olives’ Processing & Standardization of the Agricultural cooperative of Agrinio Union, continued for second year the replication activities by installing Green Floating Filters in their pond. Mrs. Kouki Akrivi, head of the facility, and her team were very excited regarding the results and the growth of Typha plants of the previous season. Hence, they decided to trial for second time the Biomass C+ project. The pond of the factory is filled with the wastes that produced from the olive processing and standardization. Typha plants are expected to harvested in autumn 2021. The harvested biomass will be sent to CARTIF in order to be treated for the bioethanol production.

You can find more details about the Factory of Olives’ processing and the Agricultural cooperative by clicking here.