LIFE Biomass C+ final report published!

The LIFE Biomass C+ project has concluded, achieving significant milestones in the realm of sustainable biofuel production. Utilizing existing infrastructure and underused water resources, the project successfully demonstrated a novel approach to producing bioethanol from zero-input biomass high in starch and lignocellulose content, specifically employing Green Floating Filters (GFFs) featuring Typha domingensis plants in various water bodies.

Throughout its duration, the project conducted trials and cultivations at multiple sites, highlighting the adaptability of T. domingensis and its potential for bioethanol production. The establishment of standardized laboratories for bioethanol production and quality control, alongside the successful blending of bioethanol with gasoline meeting European standards, underscore the project's practical contributions to sustainable fuel technology.

The final report encapsulates the project's achievements, detailing successful trials, industrial collaborations, and the innovation brought forth. We invite you to explore this report to learn more about the project's outcomes, marking a significant step toward sustainable biofuel production and its impact on fostering a more environmentally conscious future.