By: Volterra

Networking with LIFE MycoRestore and testing biodegradable GFF

On 17th of September, in a pond in Mas Rajols, Volterra’s team tested a new prototype of GFFs in Spain. This prototype was a result of a collaboration between Volterra and the US Company Ecovative, which produces mycelium based products.

This new prototype is made from agricultural waste (wood chips) bonded by mycelium substrate. It is 100% biodegradable and contributes to the circular economy. Ecovative sent some samples to Volterra with the objective of exploring new uses and possible new applications for their materials.

Moreover, Volterra carried out some trials of the new prototype in collaboration with the Spanish company Mycelio, partner in the project LIFE MycoRestore. Mycelio is very interested in the results of this trial, as they could provide the building block materials for the GFFs manufacturing. As part of MycoRestore, Mycelio will develop the capacity of producing mushrooms substrates and, in the same area they are located, a 300 ha of forest will be under sustainable management during the project, which will produce tons of pruned biomass.

Using Typhas provided by UPM, Volterra placed 4 trays in a pond, as can be seen in the photos below. The material, as expected, coped very well with the weight of the saplings and kept its floatability. Different from the other prototypes, made out of artificial materials, this one will degrade, however it is important that the trays keep their stability until the Typhas grow enough and float by themselves.