New floating supports Biomass C+

In the framework of the Life Biomass C+ project, a new set of GFF demo trials was established by UPM in irrigation ponds owned by local farmers (COMRA members) on 9 July 2019, using Volterra’s new-designed supports for GFF establishment. As a result of their trials on different materials, sizes and arrangements, Volterra ordered 118.5 x 58.5 x 2.5 cm supports made of expanded polyethylene (EPE) (80% recycled material), designed with 10 alternated rows of cells, where the cell diameter was 4 cm; the order was delivered in El Arenal on 3 July.

New-designed supports by Volterra.


UPM transported cattail plants produced at UPM facilities to the demo sites and established GFFs on 9 July using the Volterra’s supports. Main observed advantage of EPE as compared to EPS (expanded polystyrene, material also used in El Arenal trials in 2018) was its flexibility, which allowed working in ponds of irregular shape. Additionally, planting bags for cattail plantlets were tested as well.

GFFs established with new supports in a regular irrigation pond. 


View of an irregular irrigation pond.


Works in an irregular irrigation pond for GFFs establishment with new supports.


Detail of GFFs already established in an irregular irrigation.


Bags tested for cattail plants establishment.