New scientific article released by GA- UPM at EUBCE 2022

The Agro-Energy Group of the Technical University of Madrid (GA-UPM) presented a new contribution on Typha domingensis at the 30th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2022) on 10th May 2022. The EUBCE has become a leading event for the biomass and bioenergy sectors, with about 1260 attendees from approximately 74 countries, and 514 scientific contributions in the 2022 edition. The GA-UPM, a partner in the Life Biomass C+ project, contributed with an article on Typha domingensis within the Topic “Sustainable Resources for Decarbonising the Economy” in the session 1BO.13: “Microalgae’s Role in Waste Treatment and System Modelling”.

The title of the work was: The energy potential of different biomass fractions of Typha domingensis grown in green floating filters” (doi: 10.5071/30thEUBCE2022-1BO.13.1) and it was presented by Ms. M. Carhuancho. The experiment was developed in the framework of a PhD grant by the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Loan (PRONABEC) of the Ministry of Education of Peru. The work was presented as a 10-minute oral presentation in addition to a Slide presentation. GA-UPM presenter had the opportunity to explain the aim and key results obtained from the work, interact with attendees and answer to all questions raised.

The aim of the work presented at the EUBCE 2022 was to determine the energy potential of different plant fractions of T. domingensis grown in a green floating filters system during a two-year experiment, as well as to study the quality of its whole biomass as solid biofuel and the carbohydrates content of the submerged biomass. Results showed that all plant fractions of cattail biomass (leaves and shoots, roots, and rhizomes) have a high energy content and that the quality of cattail biomass differs according to the biomass fraction. Therefore, a separate (or selective) harvest of the different biomass fractions is recommended according to the subsequent use of each fraction, either as solid or liquid biofuel. This article was published in the 2022 edition of the Proceedings of European Biomass Conference & Exhibition. If you are interested on reading it you can downloaded it here and in the Downloads section of this page.