Replication and trial sites for the last year of the project

For the last year of the project, Vegora sewage lagoons were chosen as the trial site for the project. 2000 GFFs were established with more than 16000 cattails. Additionally, CERTH team decided to implement GFFs in two replication sites that stakehlolders expressed their interest on the project.

The first one was at a livestock lake close to Psarades village, in the area of Prespes. 50 GFFs were established with T. domingensis seedlings on them and let to grow. The second case was at the biological treatment unit of Kozani, where a pit with dimensions 4m x 5m was created for Biomass C+ project. Α geotextile was established in the bottom in order to prevent pilot pit from water filtration and drainage. Then, the pit was filled up with water from biological treatment. There, 30 GFFs were established. In autumn 2022, when the plants will have grown and the rhizomes will be full in starch, CERTH team will proceed to harvest them, so that chemical analysis is conducted and bioethanol is produced.

GFF establisment in Vegora sewage lagoon

GFF estalishment in the livestock lake of Psarades

GFF establishmen in Kozani biological treatment plant lagoon

GFFs with established plants on them