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How do cattail seedlings respond to floating culture?

By: Volterra

This question has been addressed by the Agro-Energy Group of the Technical University of Madrid (GA-UPM) in the article ‘Growth analysis of Typha domingensis after the transplanting to a floating system for biomass production’, which has been framed within the LIFE 16 CCM/GR/000044 BIOMASS C+ more »

Biomass C+ at the ECOFEST 2021, Greece


CERTH team will participate in the ECOFEST 2021, 4th-6th of June 2021 representing Biomass C+ project. The main scope of this festival is to highlight the significance of sustainable development, circular economy and greening of cities demonstrating the importance of environmental culture. Biomass C+ project will be there in order to promote the production of biofuels and the sustainability they can more »

UPM participation in EUBCE 2021


The Agro-Energy Group of the Technical University of Madrid (GA-UPM) presented a new contribution on Typha domingensis to the world’s largest biomass conference, the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition on 27 April more »