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LIFE Biomass C+ final report published!


The LIFE Biomass C+ project has concluded, achieving significant milestones in the realm of sustainable biofuel production. Utilizing existing infrastructure and underused water resources, the project successfully demonstrated a novel approach to producing bioethanol from zero-input biomass high in starch and lignocellulose content, specifically employing Green Floating Filters (GFFs) featuring Typha domingensis plants in various water more »

New Biomass C+ Video from the works in Greece


LIFE Biomass C+ project has concluded, but our groups keep promoting and disseminating the important work that has been carried out in these last five years. So, partners in Greece participated in a more »

Layman's report available for download

By: Volterra

The Layman's report of LIFE Biomass C+ is available from today for all those interested in having an overview of the work carried out over these years to produce bioethanol from biomass of aquatic origin. read more »

LIFE Biomass C+ Final Conference succesfully held

By: Volterra

On December 16, 2022, the LIFE Biomass C+ Final Conference was held at the Nikopolis Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the meeting, all the project partners presented the results of the work carried out over these years in the different phases of bioethanol production from plant biomass. read more »

Monitor meeting in Thessaloniki

By: Volterra

On December 15, the last meeting of the project partners and the European Commission monitor took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Each partner more »