Biomass C+ news

Mission accomplished! Bioethanol is ready!


After almost five years of hard work, experiments, studying, cultivating, harvesting and processing of the cattails, and despite all the difficulties that occurred (COVID-19, harsh weather conditions) our struggles have rewarded. The roots more »

Biomass C+ Final Conference will be held in Thessaloniki


In 2017, we had the vision of biofuel production that would not emit additional carbon to the atmosphere, would not compete with food production and would not create waste. That is how Biomass C+ started. After 5 years of works, the project is concluded. All Biomass C+ partners will more »

Harvesting of the last cattails in Greece


In the beginning of November, CERTH team continues to harvest the last Typha domingensis from established GFFs. After the harvesting, the biomass was cleaned and roots and rhizomes were separated from the rest of the more »

Volterra visits CARTIF and UPM

By: Volterra

The Volterra team visited the facilities of CARTIF and UPM to collect audiovisual material that can be used in the elaboration of a video explaining the work of the project. read more »