Biomass C+ news

Replication and trial sites for the last year of the project


For the last year of the project, Vegora sewage lagoons were chosen as the trial site for the project. 2000 GFFs were established with more than 16000 cattails. Additionally, CERTH team decided to implement GFFs in two replication sites that stakehlolders expressed their interest on the more »

Delivering biomass to CARTIF

By: Volterra

Last week Volterra team delivered to CARTIF all the biomass collected during the last weeks. This biomass had been left drying in a chicken farm that is filtering successfully chicken manure and urine with the Green Floating more »

5th Monitor Meeting of Life Biomass C+

By: Volterra

Last Friday 6th of May, the 5th Monitor Meeting of the LIFE Biomass C+ project was held in the CARTIF’s of Valladolid, after almost three years without having an in-person meeting due to more »