Biomass C+ news

Installation of GFFs continues in Greek trial sites


On the 2nd and 3rd of August, the planting period for 2021 continues in Greece. CERTH team established floating filters in the trial site of the natural waste water system ponds at Vegora village, in the surrounding area of Lake Vegoritida. read more »

Replication activities at the facilities of Intercomm Foods factory, Larissa, Greece


On the 28th of July, CERTH team visited the olive processing and packaging factory Intercomm Foods in the region of Larissa, Greece. GFFs with Typha domingensis plants and wastewater form the production line were put in small tanks, in order to test the survival and efficiency rates of the plant on the certain COD and organic pollutants concentration from industry’s wastes and to produce more »

How do cattail seedlings respond to floating culture?


This question has been addressed by the Agro-Energy Group of the Technical University of Madrid (GA-UPM) in the article ‘Growth analysis of Typha domingensis after the transplanting to a floating system for biomass production’, which has been framed within the LIFE 16 CCM/GR/000044 BIOMASS C+ more »

Biomass C+ at the ECOFEST 2021, Greece


CERTH team will participate in the ECOFEST 2021, 4th-6th of June 2021 representing Biomass C+ project. The main scope of this festival is to highlight the significance of sustainable development, circular economy and greening of cities demonstrating the importance of environmental culture. Biomass C+ project will be there in order to promote the production of biofuels and the sustainability they can more »