Biomass C+ news

The 2019 GFF season is underway in Spain


The second season of GFF trials has started; works for GFFs establishment in Spain are underway in two locations, El Arenal (province of Ávila) and Madrid. Cattail plants of the species Typha domingensis Pers. were produced from seeds by UPM during wintertime, following the Protocol developed in the first term of the Life Biomass C+ Project. read more »

CERTH presented LIFE Biomass C+ at EUBCE 2019, Lisbon


In the 27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE 2019), Prof. Chatzidoukas, on behalf of CERTH, presented a paper explaining the fermentable glucose-rich stream through the optimal enzymatic hydrolysis of the starch and cellulose fraction of the Typha domigensis plant more »

GA-UPM presented LIFE BiomassC+ at EUBCE 2019


The progress on the potential of Typha domingensis for biomass made by the Agro-Energy Group of the UPM (GA-UPM) was presented at the 27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE 2019) held in Lisbon (Portugal), 27-30th May 2019, which programme was coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research more »