Biomass C+ is featured in the Bioplat platform

The Biomass C + project has appeared in the April Bioplat newsletter. Bioplat is a national non-profit organization in which the sustainable development of biomass and the bioeconomy in Spain has been promoted since 2006. We are the main group that integrates all the public-private actors that make up the value chain of the biomass sector in our country, to jointly promote the advancement of the sector and thus achieve an economy based on this abundant renewable resource. The Bioplat newsletter has a very large reach, especially in Spain, since the platform has more than 240 participating entities.

The members of Biomass C +, Ana M. Lorenzo (CARTIF), Raúl Piñero Hernanz (CARTIF), Mª Dolores Curt (UPM), explain in the published article the principles and objectives of the project and how they try to demonstrate the production of biomass for the conversion to ethanol at the same time that the plants are used for sewage treatment.