CERTH team visited the trial area and the potential site for next GFF establishment

On Tuesday, 5 March 2019, CERTH team visited the Municipality of Amyntaio in order to discuss with the Mayor about environmental and restoration issues generally. Following, a meeting was held between the agronomist Mr Pelekoudas, as representative of the Municipality of Amyntaio, and CERTH team to discuss about the next plantations for Biomass C+ project and the new place for the GFF establishment. Except from the shore of the Lake Cheimaditida that had already proposed in October 2018 visit, Mr Pelekoudas proposed a new location: The Information Centre of Cheimaditida and Zazari lakes, where there is located the shore of Lake Zazari.

Mr Pelekoudas made a tour visit in the Information Centre. CERTH team and Mr Pelekoudas discussed about the 4 lakes that surround the Municipality of Amyntaio and need protection of ecosystem and biodiversity. Mr Kourkoumpas found excellent the idea of placing in the surrounding area of the Information Centre the next GFFs.

CERTH team & Mr Pelekoudas

Architectural maquette of the wider region of Amyntaio