By: Volterra

GFFs establishment is in progress in Greece trial areas

In the framework of the LIFE Biomass C+ project, establishment of GFFs in the Information Centre of Cheimaditida and Zazari Lakes is in progress. The area has been cleaned in the previous days in order to give space for the GFFs for the season 2019.

CERTH transported the cattails plant and the filters in the demonstration area in order to start the activities for the establishment of the floating boards.

At first, the filters were bonded together in groups for better control during the establishment procedure in the lake.


Figure 1. Shore of Lake Cheimaditida.


Figure 2. Bonding technique.


Figure 3. The cotton bags provided as sample from VOLTERRA are also tested.


Figure 4. Bamboo skewers are used in order to hold the soil of each plant when placed into the wholes of the filter.


Figure 5. Groups of filters already placed into the lake.


Figure 6. GFFs already established In the lake.