Biomass harvesting at the Agrinio Union Agricultural cooperative, Agrinio, Greece

CERTH team conducted the harvesting of Typha domingensis in the pond of olive’s treatment factory that established during summer months. The growth of Typhas were satisfactory. The aerial and the underwater part of the plants were divided by large harvesting scissors and packed into black bags. The samples were sent to CERTH’s lab, Ptolemais, in order to be dried. The aerial part of the biomass will be analyzed in order to evaluate its chemical and physical characteristics and the suitability for the use as solid biofulel. The absorption of trace elements (major and minor) will be also investigated. The underwater part (roots and rhizomes) will be sent to CARTIF partners for the bioprocessing activities and the bioethanol production.

The satisfactory growth of the Typha plants in the pond with wastewater after the olive treatment, gave motivation to CERTH team and Mrs. Kouki Akrivi, head of the facility, to continue the establishment of the GFFs the next cultivating season of 2021.

The results of the analysis will be published to the Factory of Olives’ Processing & Standardization

Fig. 1 Typha domingensis growth in the pond  

Fig. 2 The plants left on the floor from GFFs before separation

Fig. 3 The aerial part of the plants

Fig. 4 Roots and rhizomes collected