How do cattail seedlings respond to floating culture?

This question has been addressed by the Agro-Energy Group of the Technical University of Madrid (GA-UPM) in the article ‘Growth analysis of Typha domingensis after the transplanting to a floating system for biomass production’, which has been framed within the LIFE 16 CCM/GR/000044 BIOMASS C+ project.

The article by GA-UPM provides data on the transition phase from cattail soil culture to floating culture, a phase during which cattail seedlings have to adapt to live and grow in an environment different from the original one. The interest of the work lies in that such a phase is critical to succeed in the establishment of Green Floating Filters.

The full paper can be downloaded here, and in the downloads section of this website. It has been published in the Proceedings of the 29th European Biomass Conference (EUBCE), released on 22 July 2021. The EUBCE Proceedings are open-access, available prior free-registration here.

Soil culture of Typha dominguensis seedings