Maintenance & monitoring of Green Floating Filters Spain

This week Volterra’s technical team was in Arenas de San Pedro and El Arenal as part of its monthly monitoring of the green floating filters, their degradation (none yet) and plant growth. Volterra is close monitoring the sites to check the level of dergadation of the different materials used for the trays (EPE and Mycomposite).

In LIFE Biomass C+ we are testing our green floating filter in different water bodies and with different techniques. Particular attention was given to placing the Typha plants in biodegradable cotton bags to facilitate the planting process (as well as holding the soil longer). Even though this way of planting was tested satisfactorily at Volterra’s office, it turns out that in practice with big numbers this system is not ideal, so it will have to be reviewed.

All pools were visited and reviewed as well as the replication site in Arenas de San Pedro which showed impressive growth compared to last visits.