By: Volterra

New trials with the new floating device

On the 22nd of March, Volterra team continue to test the new envisaged floating device to be used during 2019 plantations. After the expanded polyethylene board be on water for over 2 months, a developed aquatic plant was placed on the device. It was used a biodegradable bag in order to help the plating process, as this was one of the main challenges during 2018 plantations. As can be seen in the pictures the trials went very well and the team expect in the coming weeks to see how the root growth behaves. The main results from the trial were:

  • Biodegradable bags reduced substantially the planting time
  • Biodegradable bags stabilise the plant in the hole
  • Biodegradable bags prevented the loss of soil
  • The polyethylene board did not loss its floatability even placing an already developed plant