Replication activities in the Factory of Olives’ Processing & standardization of the Agricultural cooperative Agrinio Union, Agrinio, Greece

CERTH team in cooperation with the Factory of Olives’ Processing & Standardization of the Agricultural cooperative of Agrinio Union, conducted successfully the installation of Green Floating Filters in their pond. Mrs. Kouki Akrivi, head of the facility, expressed her interest about the Biomass C+ project and she is willing to contribute and to disseminate the project’s concept. The pond of the factory is filled with the wastes produced from the olive processing and standardization. These wastes are mainly consist of salt and soda. Due to the agglomerates created from these materials, we did not manage to cover all the area of the pond. However, the successful growing up of Typha domingensis is expected to affect almost the whole area of the pond. The biomass to be produced from Typha plants will be harvested on October - November 2020. The harvested biomass will be sent to CARTIF in order to be treated for the bioethanol production.

You can find more details about the Factory of Olives’ processing and the Agricultural cooperative by clicking here

Mrs. Zioga & Mrs. Kouki are discussing about Biomass C+

GFFs installed in the pond 

The solid particles of the wastes are obviously cover all the surface of the pond