The 2019 GFF season is underway in Spain

The second season of GFF trials has started; works for GFFs establishment in Spain are underway in two locations, El Arenal (province of Ávila) and Madrid. Cattail plants of the species Typha domingensis Pers. were produced from seeds by UPM during wintertime, following the Protocol developed in the first term of the Life Biomass C+ Project. The 2019 GFFs trials started when the plant size was appropriate for transplantation and temperatures became mild.

In El Arenal the first delivery of cattail plants for GFF establishment was made on May 21, 2019 and planting works started at the same date by UPM. As compared to the previous season, in this season the weather has been quite extreme; temperatures were kept below 10ºC (base temperature for cattail growth) until June 15 and rainfall has been extremely low (14 and 8.4 mm/month in May and June. In addition, unexpected events occurred: large fires broke out in the area (El Arenal and surrounding municipalities), where the blaze swept through forest areas on June 29-30.

Cattail plants ready for planting on floating supports. El Arenal, June 21 2019


GFF planting works by UPM personnel in El Arenal, May 22 2019


Cattail plants just transplanted to form GFF in El Arenal, May 22 2019

In Madrid, GFFs have been established on a variety of supports and growth media since May as replication and demo activities, as well as as a contingency plan to produce cattail biomass for bioprocessing activities. GFFs have been developed well so far.


Replication activities in Madrid. Date: April 22 2019


Detail of cattail shoots after 1 ½ month growth in GFFs established in Madrid


Replication activities in Madrid. Date: May 25 2019