Visit to the Athenian Brewery facilities in Thessaloniki, Greece

On April 20th, CERTH team visited the Athenian Brewery facilities in the industrial zone of Sindos, Thessaloniki. During the meeting, we were guided in the ponds that receive wastewater and sludge form the production line. There were 7 ponds in total, some of which were not in permanent use, while the first one, the largest, was equipped with stirrers. The last pond receives the clearest wastewater, which is then drained by the Municipal Sewerage Company. In this last pond, there was a naturally grown patch of canes too!

During the discussions, we explained hoς the GFFs work and which are the advantages of the Biomass C+ project. The company agreed to establish GFFs on their second and the last pond, in order to check the results of the phytoremediation of the water.

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