By: Volterra

Workshop in the framework of project LIFE16 CCM/GR/000044 BIOMASS C+: Possibilities and prospects of biomass utilization in Amynteo

On Thursday, April 18, 2019 under the European Project LIFE 16 CCM / GR / 000444 LIFE Biomass C +: "Low-cost, carbon positive bioethanol production with innovative Green Floating Filters in multiple water bodies" a workshop was organized by the Centre for Research and Technological Hellas/ Institute of Chemical Processes and Energy Resources (CERTH / CPERI) in collaboration with the Municipality of Amyndeo with the following title: "Possibilities and prospects for biomass utilization in Amynteo".

Among the attendants, there was the Mayor of Amynteo, Mr. Konstantinos Theodoridis, and Mr. George Panagiotidis, President of Local Community of Valtonera, who gave a brief greeting.

The speakers who attended the workshop were Dimitris Kourkoumpas, Manolis Karampinis and Akis Papadelis, Scientific Associates of CERTH and Mr. Kostas Kyriakopoulos, Director of DETEPA.

The main purpose of the workshop was to inform the public and the stakeholders about the progress, the next cultivation season and the results of the LIFE Biomass C + project, gaining as well, a local awareness character.

Within the sphere of networking, other issues concern the local community were mentioned through projects, like the course of soil restoration in the LCWM in the framework of the LIFE Green Link project (LIFE15 CCA/ES/000125), the supply chain and energy use of pruning from vineyards and tree crops in Amynteo based on the experience of the uP_running project (Horizon 2020) and the construction of biomass thermal energy plants for Amynteo district heating.

During the workshop, a constructive dialogue was conducted between stakeholders and useful conclusions were drawn regarding the installation of green floating filters in water systems in the local area (Lake of Chimaditida, Zazaris and Petron) for the evaluation of water quality, plant growth and the production of bioethanol.


                                                                               Figure 1. Stimulation of GFFs with Typha plants.



                                                         Figure 2. Biomass C+ flyer posted in the entrance of the workshop's venue.



                                                           Figure 3. Mr. Kourkoumpas is discussing with the Mayor of Amynteo.



                                                                Figure 4. Mr. Kourkoumpas presents the project LIFE Biomass C+.



                                                                  Figure 5. Mr Papadelis presents the LIFE Green Link project.



                                                                    Figure 6. Mr. Karampinis presents the project uP_running.



                                                Figure 7.Mr Kyriakopoulos presents the district heating issue for the Amynteo Municipality.



                                                                                       Figure 8. Attendants of the workshop.